Belinda Gauci

Congratulations on surviving ten years in business. This is not just a testament to yourself put also your staff.My family and I wish to express our sincere gratitude for your efforts in managing our investment properties over the past 4 years.Throughout the entire period I have been most impressed with your attention to detail, service, and overall effectiveness in the way in which you handled all affairs relating to the rental management of all our properties.Your marketing and negotiation skills in finding suitable tenants very quickly and on terms acceptable to my family , your effective maintenance of all the properties and your communication skills in keeping me informed as to all progress has not gone unnoticed and certainly has been most appreciated.Cathy as you know, I am involved in the banking industry which at times can be quite demanding as with a multitude of industries such as Real Estate. Having said this though, you have been the first to offer to take my daughter to school to assist me meet my day to day responsibilities. This is my book, is going beyond the call of duty for your clients and a story I am happy to tell.I wish you and your staff continued success, and I look forward to your ongoing management and friendship.
04 March 2013